About rolling off, sinking and rising


Which remedy is the best?

We already offer excellent shoe care in our web shop, which is ideal for smooth leather and Piñatex shoes. It is manufactured and bottled in Germany and is purely vegetable and without “chemicals” – harmless to the skin and the environment, and even suitable as a care product for sore animal paws if necessary.
We keep getting questions about the application. Please read the leaflet carefully and apply the cream really only very thinly, preferably with a sponge. As soon as the leather gets too dark, you have applied too much. “You have to have the feeling that there is actually nothing on it,” the manufacturer recently explained to me when I asked again. If the leather still has become too dark, it had to absorb too much of the vegetable oil that is contained in the care product. Then waiting only helps, because over time this oil evaporates again. And next time you will apply even less cream.
The Piñatex generally does not become darker and also only requires a barely noticeable layer of shoe care.

We are currently researching liquid care and impregnation agents for everyone to whom this is now too complex and for our future nubuck and suede leather shoes, with ingredients we can and want to live with. The care product has to be manufactured in Europe and should be harmless to people and the environment. It must not contain any fluorine compounds, no silicone, no nano-particles, no palm oil, no petroleum derivatives, no harmful propellants and should ideally come in environmentally friendly packaging. And it must guarantee the breathable quality and soft feel of our high-quality open-pore leather. This is not so easy to find if the agent is really supposed to be water-repellent.
As a water-repellent layer, you can often only choose between beeswax or petroleum. Beeswax is not for vegans, on the other hand we avoid petroleum products like paraffin wherever possible.
We are still looking, testing and have not decided yet.

In the photo you can see a test: top without impregnation agent, bottom with impregnation.


VAT will decrease from July 1st

Perhaps you have already noticed: the VAT in Germany will drop from 19 to 16% from 1 July 20 until 31 December 2020.
We pass this reduction on to you, so that our shoes cost even less and we can offer you even better prices in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.
So good times for all customers who have to pay VAT.
However, it means a lot of effort for us as dealers to change all settings and accounting …
Please forgive us if we overlooked the change at one point or another at first and have not yet implemented it. Then a short note from you will help us.

We continue to offer all previous models at a 50% discount. There are only a few shoes left.


“Es wollen zwei auf Reisen geh’n…”
(Two want to travel …)

This German children song from the 50s always buzzes in my head as soon as I travel in summer.

I will fly to Portugal in early July for the first time since the crisis. The last subtleties and requests for changes to the new model can be better discussed on site. Now I can finally meet my new outsole manufacturer live as well.
This time we fly together so that my assistant Vera gets an insight into shoe production and gets to know the people with whom she otherwise only communicates via email.
We are very excited to see how our trip will look in times of crisis and whether everything can go according to plan.

This means that from 1-8 July no goods can be shipped or accepted and there may still be slight delays afterwards!

Please note and excuse that!

In the meantime, I am busy texting and calculating for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and creating new information material.

Greetings with joyful feet
Annette and team