delivery in 2 weeks

Delivery in two weeks

Anyone who has followed our development for a while has learned about the hurdles that we encountered. But that was not all.
About four weeks ago, we were without shoelaces because the lace manufacturer decided at short notice that producing such small quantities in so many different colours and lengths was not economical for him.
Then we noticed last Friday that our cartons were printed faulty, so we quickly had to reclamate 1000 shoeboxes.
These are just a few examples … We really hope that the universe will no longer put any big stones in our way and that our manufacturer will deliver the shoes to us in two weeks.

As soon as the shoes arrive in Germany, our logistics partner will send them to you and also supply our shop.

We will tell you the date for the opening party of our shop in Berlin in one of the following posts.


We shot our first collection in the photo studio yesterday.