Here comes hope...

As a result of the decisions of the government, we also had to make some changes.
In the meantime I am firmly convinced to continue my project of the heart. Even if it is difficult or impossible to make realistic plans in the current situation and the financing has not yet been finally clarified, I am full of drive and hope. I found the support I was looking for in Social Media Management and I am very happy to expand my team! I am currently working on the new model, the improved fit and outsole by video conference, drawing pen and scissors. However, sending work samples back and forth takes more time than planned. But I still hope that the new prototype will be completed this spring if the factories in Portugal continue to work. As soon as I have the new model in my hands, I'll start a crowdfunding campaign. I can only tell you this much so far: There will be some innovations!


Online / offline sales: what is still possible and available?

Our shop has been closed since Wednesday and remains closed until further notice. Because our office remains largely vacant and we mainly work in the home office, we can currently only be reached via email. We hope you understand!
We have decided to continue online sales in April. Since it is currently difficult to estimate delivery times and we only send goods once or twice a week, we have extended the delivery time to 10-14 working days.
We have almost all sizes in vegan piñatex in stock for the models Reiselust, Freudentanz and Nordpol; this is mainly charcoal (black) and silver. So you can still stock up on your whole family and tell your vegan friends about our foot-friendly shoes made of water-repellent, plastic-free uppers :-)

>>> With every purchase from a small startup, you support at least one selfemployed person in crisis and save jobs and livelihoods!



Withdrawal addresses and period

It happens again and again that some of you misunderstand the withdrawal policy and send the goods to my home. But this is only the registered office of my business and not the work or warehouse address. Or there is no order information amongst the returned goods and we have to play detective.
Please note: The revocation must be sent in writing with the ORDER or INVOICE NUMBERto the registered address (Schliemannstr). An informal email to is sufficient. A fax or letter is also possible.
The goods themselves may only be sent to our warehouse at Prenzlauer Allee 31 and must contain the order or invoice number or our delivery note.

Due to the current situation, we grant you 30 days cancellation period until further notice.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself! Annette and team