How to go from here?

You’re great!

We are overwhelmed!
Our announcement that we are closing has triggered a huge wave of sympathy from you, be it in comments on Facebook and Instagram or in very moving emails and calls.
Your main reaction was: That can’t be true, there has to be a solution for it to go on!

Our sales figures also show us that our shoes meet numerous enthusiastic customers.
We are now almost sold out and sometimes cannot keep up with processing your orders, as you may have noticed.
We were simply not prepared for such a rush; vacation and illness-related absences contributed to the delays.
We sincerely apologize to you for that!

Activate stock alert function

There are still shoes in large and small sizes and there are always some returns. If the size of your requested shoe is out of stock, we strongly recommend that you register for the notification function. You can do this on the respective product page after you have entered your size.

We continue to give a 30% discount on all shoes!

How long are we going to sell the shoes?
We will probably sell the remaining shoes in March and then deactivate the online shop.
We have already drastically restricted our shop opening times from March, and the store will be closed from April. If these times don’t suit you, you can call us and check whether someone is in the shop. Or you contact us and make an appointment with us – we are in the store more often than it is open.


What’s next from March?

In the eventful past few weeks, we have been concerned with the question of whether sufficient support can be found to continue the project and what the future path could look like.
We have hardly any shoes left that we could cover our costs in the coming months. We need financial support if we want to bridge the upcoming sales break.
We plan to use this “pause” and start a crowdfunding campaign again. In the campaign you will get the chance to finance our next production order. You do not run any financial risk. Because if the required funds do not come together, everyone involved will get their money back and the project will not be realised.
We always have to pay for shoe production in advance and as a result of a campaign we know best which models, colours and sizes are in demand. We also want to improve the fit of the shoes and rework the outsoles.
It is still unclear which models and sizes we want to offer and whether we will already offer the children’s and youth shoes. The more sizes and models are offered, the more expensive the development and production will be and the more money the campaign will have to bring.
We will plan enough time this time to save you disappointments and spare us the night shifts.
We may be launching a second campaign at the same time in which investors can invest in our company – also based on the crowdfunding principle.
We will keep you up to date and we would be happy to hear your opinion.

Take part!

We are looking for a barefoot shoe fan who supports us in PR and social media marketing.
You like to hang out on Instagram and Facebook and are communicative and have experience writing articles and can also take and edit photos.
You like to research and want to interact with our fans, you can think up suitable topics and games.
You write our newsletters and blog articles in perfect German and translate them into English.
You actively support our crowdfunding campaign and help spread it.
You are highly motivated and want to represent our company externally in the long term.
You are reliable and work independently.
You love freely chosen working hours and also work regardless of location. Berlin is not a requirement!
>>> If this applies to you, please send us an informal application by email!

In the future we will need more active team members for other departments. If you feel the call to offer your knowledge and know-how to us, get in touch with us!

If we want to save Aehrenkranz, we can only do it together!

With this in mind, we send you optimistic pre-spring greetings,
Annette and team

P.S. .:
You are welcome to reply to this email, tell us your thoughts and connect us with interesting people and potential investors!