Playing with colours and shapes


Shoe development with colour games

Our new model is slowly taking shape. We play with various types of leather and try out colour combinations. Nothing has been decided yet; we are busy snipping and sticking together to get realistic impressions.
You are already familiar eye-catching colours from our previous models.

But now it’s getting really colourful!

Since we will also be offering children’s sizes in our next collection we are now going to try out lively colour combinations. The multicoloured shoes will also be available in adult sizes so that the “eternal children” and the bravest among you can also show their colours :)


Design in detail

I am currently working on the “fine tuning” of the patterns. I have to remove 4mm at one point and 2mm at another, loops have to be moved or extended and so on …

Everything must be shown to the shoe manufacturer in words, graphics, photos and video in such a way that he understands my instructions and thoughts and can implement them in the next test model. After all, I still can’t travel to Portugal to explain everything on site.

I am optimistic that the final design of our FREIGEIST model will be ready by the end of the month. By then we may already have the new outsole sample – it will remain exciting and the schedule is uncertain due to the ongoing crisis.


Show me your feet, show me your shoes … (German children’s song)

The last is the soul and gives the decisive shape of every shoe!
If the last is no good, it never becomes a good shoe.
With each new finding and the feedback from the customers I was able to continuously improve our last. This requires meticulous millimeter work and manual skill. Though I enjoy this work so much that I don’t let others do it for me. Also, I wouldn’t know anyone who would be more critical regarding the fit than I am … (Yes, my tendency to perfectionism can help sometimes!)

The sole manufacturer is currently developing a new outsole for the updated last. This step became necessary because I optimised the fit of the shoe so much that the old outsole no longer fits.
The new sole manufacturer also suggested creative material improvements that are good for the environment and for the useful life. I can’t wait to get the first sole example in my hands!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now within reach. But there is still a lot to prepare. I will tell you more soon.

written by Annette Becker

p.s .: There are still a few shoes from the previous collections with a 50% discount available in the online shop.