The long way


The long way from a sample shoe to a production sample
After we informed you in the last newsletter about the next steps, we give you another update here today.
We were actually expecting the revised series-ready models this week and would have been in the photo studio tomorrow. But our manufacturer wrote us about problems that occur due to the material quality in the production.
It is a huge challenge for manufacturers to produce such a flexible shoe. Normally, the material is stiff and hard and can be processed well by means of heat, steam, pressure, tension and chemicals so that a shoe visually meets the expectations of the client. But our expectations go beyond!
It happens for example, that every colour of our leather behaves differently and must be dealt with instead of backing it with stiffening textiles. The novel Piñatex and the thin soles are new challenges that need to be mastered too. Getting a shoe model pretty is one thing. But to develop it for series production so that the workers in the production chain can work smoothly and without errors only on the basis of data sheets is the other far greater challenge. For weeks we have been making test samples of our new models Reiselust and Sommerwiese which at the time of the crowdfunding campaign existed only as a design draft (as noted in the campaign). As it stands, our manufacturer needs some time longer than originally planned to test and try until all are satisfied and the production can finally start.
Such initial difficulties in the shoe industry are not uncommon and Annette well known by other companies. However, problems are usually not made public, which is not noticeable because companies often don’t state exact delivery dates. Or, a lot of shoes enter the market whose quality we would not accept.
We tell you how it is:
We stand by our claims and want to deliver you the best possible quality. We expect the new prototypes next week and can only specify more exact delivery times afterwards. Currently we are planning to ship the shoes by mid-July.
We are very sorry for this delay and loose a lot of nerves ourselves!
We hope for your understanding and count on your loyalty. Soon there will be wonderful healthy shoes from us!

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We cannot reach you via other channels!
We’ll keep you up to date.
The photo shows a mechanical grading machine, on which patterns were transformed into the respective shoe sizes. Today, all this is done by computer – luckily!