While we are waiting for the outsole...

While we are waiting for the outsole…

Our holiday season is over and a slight melancholy at the thought of the approaching end of this phantastic summer is arising.
Our cooperation partners in Portugal are currently still in their summer break. As soon as they start working again we’ll get information about the status of shoe development.
The shoe itself has already been completely developed for several months; only the outsole is not finished yet.
Since we want to have a special outsole that can be sewn to the upper, which is also slightly raised at the lateral edges we have to have them made for us. The development of the prototype has been in full swing for four months. Since small improvements were required again and again, the outsole sample was not finished before the summer break. Only when the mockup is 100% ok, we can make the metal moulds and produce the first outsole. Only then can the shoe be finished.
So it means for us being patient and more careful with time forecasts. Still, we hope to launch the crowdfunding campaign this fall.
In the campaign there will be a surprise waiting for you, because we made good use of the waiting time. Today we only reveal so much: We have expanded the collection so that we will offer three different shoe models!


detail of unfinished Aehrenkranz outsole mockup